How To Quit Porn in 30 Days and Never Relapse Again

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How To Quit Porn in 30 Days gives you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that from addiction AND to never relapse again.

Quitting porn doesn’t have to be a challenge. But one reason it’s so difficult to quit is because everything you know about quitting doesn’t actually work.

Seriously. If it worked, you wouldn’t be reading this.

You need a system
One that teaches you how to quit porn step-by-step
So you can live your best life
Never relapse again
Have confidence in yourself
Attract beautiful women
Engage in mind-blowing sex
Increase your testosterone levels
Get rock-hard without any porn
And live the porn-free life you deserve.

That means no more:
- ❌waking-up and wanking-off
- ❌being triggered by attractive women
- ❌porn-trances you can’t escape
- ❌guilt, shame, and remorse
- ❌relapse after relapse after relapse in one day
- ❌uncontrollable fantasies
- ❌sleepless nights until you choke-the-chicken
- ❌week-long streaks ended by a quick peak

Here’s the deal.

You’ve Googled “how to quit porn” more times than you can remember and you’ve gone down the “why can’t I quit porn” YouTube rabbit-hole more time than you can count.

That’s because every article you read, every YouTube video you watch, they all tell you the same thing:

“Stop thinking about it”
“Don’t masturbate”
“Keep yourself busy”
“Delete your history”
“Have sex instead”
“Install site blockers”
“Become a better man”
“Focus on your religion”
“You need willpower”
“Quit cold-turkey”

To make matters worse, you’ve tried all of those things and .
I tried all of those tips and tricks and did everything Google told me to do.

This is what happened:

I spent 9 years of my life addicted to porn. For 3 of those 9 years, I tried everything I could think of to quit (and everything the internet told me to do).

Sure, I could manage a week without porn here and there, but I’d always cave in and watch it when I was stressed or needed a fix.

The longest I ever went without porn during those 9 years was 3 months.

I thought my addiction was broken, that I was finally free . . .

But . . . one night, I relapsed.

It took 3 years to go 3 months without porn, but all that needed to happen was one little relapse to undo all the progress I had made.

Then I did again the next day and the day after that. 

Some days it was more than once.

One little relapse turned into an entire month of depression, defeat, and hopelessness.

And it all happened because I was scrolling through Instagram looking at memes, then an influencer wearing a thong promoting some exercise supplement came into full view.

I was stuck.

I knew I should’ve stopped looking,
I knew I should’ve gotten up and done something else,

So. How did I go from and . . . to and ?

I created a step-by-step system that guided me through every challenge quitting porn threw at me.

Whenever I was faced with temptation, I knew exactly what to do.

Anytime something triggered me, I knew why it did and what steps I needed to take to eliminate the trigger or fight it off.

Even if I got trapped and started watching porn, I had a process that made it so I could escape a relapse while it was happening.

No more temptation. No more struggle. No more relapse.

How to Quit Porn in 30 Days and Never Relapse Again is the exact same system I used to end my 9-year porn addiction and finally find freedom.

It worked for me. And it works for these men:

Here’s Why This All Matters:

First: Porn addiction is mental and emotional.

Your brain is addicted to porn. That means it doesn’t want to live without it because it doesn’t know how to live without it.
After years of addiction, your brain functions normally on porn. In fact, it needs porn to function like it’s supposed to.
That’s why when your week clean is up, you feel groggy, lack mental clarity, and have no mental energy.

But porn addiction is also an unhealthy emotional coping mechanism.
You use porn to fill an emotional void you don’t even realize you have.
Like all drug users, you use porn to forget the way you feel now so you can feel the way you want to all the time.

This Quit Porn Masterclass gives you the tools you need to fight addiction on both fronts.

You’ll know what causes it and how to fix it on a deep, psychological AND emotional level.

You need both to find healing and freedom from addiction.

Second: Ending addiction requires a plan of action.

It’s one thing to know what to do and why you do it.

Because the moments right before relapse are the worst. Everything in you wants to quit, but your brain wants to watch porn.

That’s why this system shows and tells you what to do in those very moments. You’ll follow it and escape relapses before they even happen.

You remember that list I shared up above? With all the useless Google quit porn advice? Yeah, that list.

None of that “do this, not that” is inside this masterclass.

This Quit Porn Masterclass is the proven plan of action without any pointless Do’s and Don’ts.

It’s filled with insight, strategies, and systems for every battle you face against porn addiction.

What’s inside How to Quit Porn in 30 Days and Never Relapse Again:

Course Material:

  • Ebook (67 pages)
  • Course Videos (10 videos)
  • 30 Day Quit-Porn Game Plan
  • Bonus Workbook (21 pages)
  • 4 Bonus Videos (2 framework videos, 2 breakdown videos)

What’s inside the Ebook and Course Videos:

  • Explains what porn is doing to your brain and why it happens (so you know how to stop it)
  • Breaks down misconceptions you have about porn addiction that makes it harder to quit (and how to overcome them)
  • Every man has a “why” they watch porn. If you don’t know what it is, you’ll keep relapsing. The ebook (and workbook) breaks down the most common reasons why men watch porn and gives you a quick way to find your own why
  • Porn addicts have “viewing habits” and not knowing these habits makes quitting harder. The ebook explains what these habits are, how to find your own, and what you need to do to break them so you can quit for good
  • Explains what triggers are, guides you through identifying them, and gives you a system to avoid or attack them before they turn into a relapse
  • Provides an easy-to-follow process to wean yourself off of porn so you don’t experience withdrawals (brain fog, lack of focus, no mental energy) or cravings for another “fix”
  • Explains what Sexual Transmutation is (the process of channeling your sexual energy into creative energy) and how you’ll use it to stay porn-free and become mentally stronger and more attractive

The ebook and course videos go hand-in-hand, they cover the same topics and give you the same systems. If you only read the ebook, or only watch the videos, you’ll learn everything you need to know to finally quit porn.

What’s Inside the BONUS Workbook and Videos:

  • The Relapse Framework walks you through a process to learn from your past relapses (and current ones) to figure out why you keep going back to porn
  • The Relapse Breakdown takes you from the moment you relapsed down to the underlying trigger that caused it. It guides you through the “deep-work” of figuring out exactly why you relapsed so you know what to do when it happens again
  • The Trigger Framework explains what you need to do when you experience a trigger. You have two options: Avoid or Attack. This framework lays out a specific game-plan; when you are being triggered, this video teaches you what to do so it doesn’t become a relapse
  • The Trigger Breakdown guides you through figuring out all your triggers (even the deep, secrets ones). Some triggers are visual, some are emotional. When you know what they are, you can avoid them. It’s always easier to avoid a trigger than it is to escape temptation
  • A 30 Day Schedule outlining each step you need to take each day of the month. It’s a quick point of reference that puts everything in the masterclass together so you know exactly what to do to quit.

The workbook and 2 framework and 2 breakdown videos go hand in hand as well. You can read the workbook, then watch the videos or vice versa. If you only want to watch or only want to read, everything is covered in both.

P.S. I kept religion out of this course. “You need Jesus” is NOT one of the steps.

As soon as you finish the masterclass, you’ll learn everything you need to know to quit, and what you need to do () to quit.

💥 How To Quit Porn in 30 Days and Never Relapse Again gives you an instantly-actionable that eliminates

💥 It teaches you how to stay porn free so you can finally end the cycle of going a week clean,, then go two weeks clean, .

💥 Learn how to prevent yourself from being tempted by and ALL triggers.

💥 But you can’t remove and avoid triggers That’s why the Trigger Breakdown (even the deepest, most secret ones ).

💥 , you’ll automatically get rid of erectile dysfunction andto watch fetish content while you quit

💥 You will be able to escape temptation. Whether you’re thinking about watching porn, starting to watch it, or while you’re watching it, the masterclass gives you an with the Trigger Analysis.

💥 You’ll know IF you relapse by following the Relapse Framework

💥 The way you think about porn addiction will change completely because you’ll understand what you’re actually addicted to so you can find

For only $49, you’re literally getting lifetime freedom from porn addiction.
If you walk away now, you’re choosing porn.

Or . . . . you could do what I did
Live with the addiction for years
Turn to the free resources on Google
Wait until it all “clicked”
And pray you can go longer than a month without relapse

Or . . . you could go see an addiction therapist
They've got a paper that says they can help you
But they've never experienced porn addiction in their life.
Men who have taken the masterclass have told me:
"I've been seeing a therapist for months and their help doesn't even come close to what's inside this course. I wasted hundreds of dollars and months of my time on them."

Or . . . you could hire me as a Quit Porn Coach
I’ll break everything down
We’ll work together to find out why you keep turning to porn
And we’ll make a plan for you to follow to quit.
But it costs hundreds of dollars a month for highly effective coaching

Or . . . you can get this masterclass
Avoid being trapped for years
Learn everything you need to know about addiction
Get the same effective method I teach in my coaching calls
And take the steps to quit once and for all.

Like I said, quitting doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Now, it won’t.

You know you need to quit.

That's why you're here --

This system works.

It worked for me. It works for dozens of other men

Are you ready for it to work for you?

🤔 “Is this course right for me?”

How To Quit Porn in 30 Days and Never Relapse Again was made for men who are ready to quit porn for good.

Whether you watch porn once every few weeks

Or watch it 3-to-4 times per day

Whether you are single and ready to mingle

Or you are in a committed relationship with a beautiful woman

Whether you go to church every Sunday and are a strong believer

Or you don’t care about religion whatsoever

Whether you’re straight, bisexual, or gay --

🤔 “What if this course doesn’t work for me?”

That’s up to you, not me.

This masterclass is the how-to system that teaches AND guides you through the quit-porn-and-never-relapse-again process within 30 days (or less).

If you follow the system, it will work every time.

🤔 “What if I do relapse while taking the course?”

If you do relapse after starting this course

Or while you’re in the middle of it

Heck, even after you’ve finished it from cover-to-cover

I’ve got you covered.

There’s an entire module about what to do IF that happens.

🤔 “OK . . . well what about . . . ”

Brother, here’s my email address:

If you have any questions while taking the course, you can email me, DM me on Twitter, or we can set up a 20-minute Zoom call to get everything squared away.

When you buy one of my courses, you get access to me.

You’ll get a response ASAP.

Plus, I don’t care if I get double-texted in case I miss something.

Ready to Quit Porn & Never Relapse Again?

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Freedom awaits.

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How To Quit Porn in 30 Days and Never Relapse Again

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